Careless mistakes – how do you deal with them?

3 Sep

We all make mistakes… how easily do you forgive yourself for the careless ones?? In the past I have spoken about talking to yourself like a sat nav when you make a mistake. Rather than beat yourself up when you make an error, the idea is to acknowledge the error and fairly immediately re-frame and change to a different course. Now, there are many well-known examples of people who have re-framed and re-framed and re-framed… Thomas Edison, who invented the…

Feel the fear and do it anyway?!

6 Aug

This is a well-known phrase, and one that many of us exhort ourselves to do, to encourage ourselves to stretch our comfort zones and progress in life. ‘No pain, no gain’ is another. However, how about when the fear is well founded, or overwhelming…? I am sure you will have heard about Simone Biles, the amazing American gymnast, who has pulled out of competition in the Olympics, citing that she needed to look after her mental health. She made a…

Banishing Burnout

2 Jul

So has your experience of lockdown been one of under work and boredom, or over work and exhaustion? Apparently both experiences can trigger burnout. In the overworking arena, the dating app “Bumble” has recently told its employees to take a week off to fight stress and “soothe their collective burnout”. They have closed the offices and insisted that they have an offline holiday. Other companies are giving employees half day Fridays and wondering how to ensure that their workers do not…

Talk to yourself like a Sat Nav would

4 Jun

Quite a few years ago now, I recorded my self-talk – inner voice stuff.  At the suggestion of a coach I wrote down everything that I said to myself over the course of a day that was negative and I was absolutely shocked. Because I would never talk to anyone else in the way that I recorded how I spoke to me. I was cutting, I was impatient, I was judgemental. After all what was I being negative to myself…

Dance the Viennese waltz, not the moves of a whirling dervishe

7 May

Overwhelm, the frantic dance, spinning dance that occurs in your mind and body when you just have too many things to do in too short a time. You may have bitten off more than you can comfortably chew. There is too much on your plate… I am no stranger to those feelings. So… Cut to a play date with my six-month-old Granddaughter Iris yesterday… What a cutie pie she is. Gummy smiles and looks of complete wonder, as well as…

The feeling behind the words

1 Apr

When giving a presentation – it’s all about the words that make up your content – right? A commonly held view. Consider this famous quote from the lips of Maya Angelou: “I have found that people will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but will never forget how you made them feel.” Now, she is a beautiful writer and clearly she is not saying that the words are unimportant. However, words need to be brought to…

The Constructive as opposed to the Destructive Audit

5 Mar

So, I have just finished running two dates of my free webinar: Speak with ease secure in your own strong presence.  I really enjoyed delivering them, and I have heard back from some of the participants about further work; so now…the audit! When I first started giving presentations, er… decades ago, I didn’t always do an audit. I didn’t really want to open that box. I was super critical and inexperienced, and I felt deep pain when I thought that…

Sending yourself flowers

5 Feb

So I sent a friend flowers for her birthday. I used an online delivery company that I have an account with; and wrote a warm note to go with them. I paid. Twenty-four hours later I had the sudden realisation that I hadn’t changed the address and that the flowers were, in fact, coming to me!!! I then sent another bunch of flowers to my friend… The next day the bouquet of lilies that I had ordered arrived and I…

The Trouble with Cats and Dogs

8 Jan

Frank Skinner once told a joke which went a bit like the following about the difference between cats and dogs: “Imagine a scenario,” he said, “you are putting up a picture, and your pets are watching you. Your dog, there he is looking adoringly up at you, and his whole demeanour is saying: ‘You are wonderful, you are so fabulous, I love the way you hang that… You didn’t need to look too closely or think about the straightness, although…

Breath of Life

4 Dec

Staying up with my grandchild on her first night back from hospital, her father was fascinated at all the stretching movements she was making, like a yoga workout. So he looked it up and was fascinated to learn that in these early days her brain is connecting with the muscles in her little body letting them know what they can do, building neural pathways so that her body will know what to do and how to develop as she grows….


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