“The level of energy generated throughout the session was amazing. It felt like a very safe space and even though we weren’t physically together, it felt as though the group bonded well and we all wanted one another to succeed.”

– Tracy

Locus coaching offers workshops for individuals wanting to work within a group, to develop their speaking skills, personal presence, and confidence at every ability level, on an open workshop basis.

For organisations, I can run any of these programmes for your staff and tailor make them to fit your specific requirements. I can also adapt any individual component of my workshops or masterclasses to fit your brief. For example, I have run a version of the “Sparkling on screen” workshop as one-off 30 and 60-minute webinars.

I also have a specific workshop for team development, cohesion and having a clear voice and strategy.

Select the workshop for you:

The first job in developing your speaking skills is to understand where your voice comes from and how it works best and healthily. Speaking is a skill. In this stand-alone 90-minute workshop, you’ll find out how your voice is produced, so you can be in control of it and of any nervous energy you feel when speaking.

A 10-week course will help you speak eloquently and with confidence. By the end of it, you will have learnt how to have the confidence, presence and expertise to speak to anyone, anywhere and in any situation to make positive connections and even enjoy it!

A series of seven group workshops that you can book singly or as a special offer package (choose 3-7 masterclasses), centring on particular areas of expertise you need to master to be a good communicator in all situations.

A workshop for organisational teams who want to improve communication and work practice, both within the team, and their communication with other stakeholders and clients.

NB: you can supplement any of these programmes with additional one-to-one coaching sessions to extend and personalise your learning as part of a group.  Please check the one-to-one section about “diamond” status.

If you want to liberate and enjoy your voice, be in control when speaking, and make successful connections…

Get in touch with me, Fiona Whytehead for details about what Locus Coaching can do for you