Speaking skills’ masterclasses

“[The Workshop] was really engaging with an ideal group size. A good mix of practical activities and I enjoyed the break-out element. Benefited most from learning techniques – something I wish I’d known earlier”

– Philippa

Find your voice to make your mark

Seven interactive online masterclasses to help you to speak with ease and own your space, on or off the screen. Full notes supplied with each class. Learning is through exercises, as well as listening, group discussion and observation. Masterclasses are 90 minutes long.

Before taking these Masterclasses, I felt very unsure about my ability to speak in front of an audience. Over the course of six sessions, I have literally watched myself grow in confidence, and have learned to speak and present in a way that feels authentic and natural. As an introvert who has always avoided the limelight, it’s been fascinating to learn that this was possible, and the feedback I have already received in my work/presentations has been really positive. Fiona shares so many helpful resources and tools, and above all she creates a safe and welcoming space for everyone, no matter how nervous you may feel at the start! I highly recommend the Masterclasses to anyone who would like to develop their voice and their presence.


– Sara

Find your authentic voice:

  • How to put forward a confident, authentic you to the world in any situation.
  • Learn how to produce a great voice with gravitas and inspiration
  • Link this with a positive mind-set

Sparkling on Screen:

  • Use the screen to be seen and heard strongly and with warmth
  • Learn how to look and speak on camera for maximum confidence and charisma
  • Understand when to use AV and what content to use

Making magic with your minute:

  • The art of great “elevator” and “short” pitching
  • Develop great delivery skills so that you can grab the attention at the beginning and maintain it throughout
  • Learn how to nutshell-structure your pitch

Control the space and welcome questions:

  • Have a strong presence in the room in front of your audience to have authority and engage
  • Questions give you knowledge, learn to welcome them and answer with aplomb
  • Link strong, definite body language with clarity of thought and speech.

A beginning, a middle and an end:

  • Selecting content to connect
  • Choosing a structure for clarity and inspiration
  • Putting it all together in your delivery and use of visual/audio aids and props

Owning emotions, controlling emotional response:

  • Learn how to have the right presence and mind-set for each occasion
  • Understand how to avoid being triggered into an unhelpful response
  • Using your energy to enhance and not detract from your message

Knowing me, knowing you – the art of making positive connections with others:

  • Understand your own preferred style of speaking and behaviour, particularly when under stress
  • Learn how to “flex” your preferred style of behaviour while still being yourself
  • Find out how to “people read” so that you can communicate better with others.

How it works:

Venue: Online, normally on Zoom. These are “live” sessions delivered by me, Fiona Whytehead.

Cost: This depends entirely on what package you take, whether you take all of the classes or a bundle of three or more or singly, and if you supplement with one-to-one (diamond) sessions.

I offer a free 30-minute discovery call before booking at no requirement to actually book, it is a call to determine what programme would best solve your issues and gain you the results you seek; and if you and I will work together well. Following this call you will be sent some suggestions for a programme which will include the cost, for you to consider in your own time before coming onto a further call to book, if you decide to proceed.

If your enquiry is on behalf of an organisation, the content can be completely tailor-made to meet your requirements, including which areas you want covered and over what length of time you want the training completed. Contact me below to find out more.

If you want to liberate and enjoy your voice, be in control when speaking, and make successful connections…

Get in touch with me, Fiona Whytehead for details about what Locus Coaching can do for you