Organisations and teams

Enable your employees to show up with gravitas and build rapport with clients to gain respect and business.
Enhance positive communication within teams for maximum collaborative working and
Elevate your staff’s ability to shine and inspire on screen and in the room.
The level of energy generated throughout the session was amazing. It felt like a very safe space and even though we weren’t physically together, it felt as though the group bonded well and we all wanted one another to succeed.

In organisations, successful outcomes are reliant on good communication and teamwork. No one person in an organisation, even the most talented of leaders, can make progress – much less succeed – alone.
– The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

As well as coaching individuals to develop their own presentation skills and strong presence to inspire and influence, I work with teams so that while they keep their individuality they are also “singing off the same hymn sheet”

Increased profits and excellent service to clients and organisations can all be achieved if the workforce are working well together, and systems are in place to remove any frustrations or obstacles to success. I tailor- make masterclasses and workshops specifically for the needs of individual organisations.

My first piece of work for Advertising Company Mercieca was  a 60 minute online interactive masterclass entitled “Sparkling on Camera”, to support staff to develop their screen presence.

Subsequently I ran whole day sessions for new account managers to build on their current confidence levels in speaking: Find your voice to make your mark with impact

More recently I delivered a one day course off line in the actual room  for a team that included senior managers entitled: Having gravitas and building rapport with your audience to win and maintain business

However good you are at communicating, and naturally working in this industry the senior managers were very confident in this area, you can always improve.  Knowing how to make it  automatic to react in a positive or “movinging forward”  way to anything that is thrown at you in a meeting or while giving a presentation, is a vital skill to close deals and manage client expectations.

Here is some feedback from some of the team members at Mercieca that I trained

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Testimonial 1
Really liked the interactive element, very personal to each person's needs, key takeaways for me are pausing and breathing, breathing using the whole diaphragm, and going into a situation with a positive mindset that I will present well, and it will go successfully.
Testimonial 2
Really useful session, it was really good to have actionable exercises rather than just vague advice like 'act confident' etc. - I think the mindset part at the beginning is something I'll definitely try to use going forward as well as the breathing/pause exercise. The nutshell structure is also an exercise I'll keep in mind when constructing decks etc. going forward.
Testimonial 3
I started the day not particularly clear as to what it is I need to work on, but I now know this and the solutions to this. I'll definitely be using the pause and breathe technique as I already noticed the difference it made in the few presentations we did throughout the day.
Testimonial 3
I really enjoyed that we looked internally at our personality types. I think knowing more about myself helps to identify the issues that I struggle with and why. Learning to say 'pause' and 'breathe' in my head will help me a lot as these are the key things that I struggle with when presenting. Having a full day session with interactive activities was a tremendous benefit rather than taking the typical 1–2-hour course because I am now more inclined to put it into practice on a daily basis.
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We all need to be able to understand and (when necessary) adapt our own style when working with others, to achieve cooperation and influence. At Locus Coaching, I offer team development coaching, often using the DiSC by Wiley behavioural and people reading tool.

‘Everything DiSC’ by Wiley is not a test, it’s a personality assessment. This research-validated model helps you understand yourself and others, saving you time, energy, and money. Better employee communication means efficiency on both individual and company levels. Good communication is also a prerequisite to being able to create a strong strategy, signed up to by all, which then drives sales and service.

It was a really enjoyable day with a good amount of time to discuss and reflect. The tool (DiSC – people and behaviour reading) was helpful in understanding behaviours and styles which made me appreciate other styles more. It was a comfortable and supportive environment in which we were able to express things honestly.

– C J., Senior Manager, Social Services, Islington

If you would like to discuss how I can create a programme for your organisation and staff, whether online or off please get in touch and will be pleased to talk through the right programme for you