Breathing workshops for vocal and mental health and strength

“Breathing properly!!! I can’t believe I have been shallow breathing for so long. The square breathing is a great visual to help master the technique. Thank you Fiona!”

– Preeya

Breath of Life, Joyful voice

A standalone workshop – 90 Minutes – that I suggest everyone takes as an initial step. Speaking is a skill, and you need to have body and mind aligned to be able to use your voice well and have a strong bodily presence. This session takes you on a journey to discover how your voice is produced, so you can use it to its optimum, and how you can control stress and anxiety through breath control. 

Fiona helped me enormously in recognising how to sustain the breath throughout my speaking… it was quite a shock, though a brilliant reminder to breathe deeply and properly to resonate and sustain and not force my voice out when there is little breath behind it!


– Jennie Kitchen, Hypnowoman

You will re-learn how you were born to breathe:

  • For physical and mental health
  • To develop a strong, vibrant, and authentic voice
  • To sound and feel confident in all speaking situations
  • And most importantly, to be heard

How it works:

Venue: Currently online only, usually on Zoom. There may be an offline version coming soon. They are “live” sessions delivered by me, Fiona Whytehead. Diamond status additional one-to-one can be conducted at Fiona’s North London Studio.

Cost: Cost is £99.00 to take this online, or if you book using the promotional code EARLYBIRD, it is £79.00.

I offer a free 30-minute consultation if you want to discuss this further, and we can also discuss any other programmes in conjunction with “Breath of Life, Joyful Voice” if suitable.

If you want to liberate and enjoy your voice, be in control when speaking, and make successful connections…

Get in touch with me, Fiona Whytehead for details about what Locus Coaching can do for you