Two month speaking skills course

“Perfect blend of theoretical and practical -interactivity was energising and motivating. Great facilitation and session design, making sure that everyone was included and engaged.”

– Andrea B.

Speak Up, Stand Out, Be Heard

During this 10-week course, you will learn the tools and skills to control your voice in any verbal communication, management or speaking situation (including the voice in your head!).

You will receive 20 hours of group training and 90 minutes of one-to-one as part of the course. There is an opportunity to upgrade to “diamond status” by adding more one-to-one sessions to further support and extend your experience.

Groups are no larger than six participants, so you’ll benefit from interaction, support and sharing knowledge between participants and you’ll also receive personal attention in a safe environment.

Learn how to:

  • feel confident, even ENJOY public speaking and performance
  • come across with gravitas and empathy
  • present yourself in the best light possible for the situation
  • make really positive connections face-to-face and online
  • tell stories and give clear, effective, and inspirational speeches, pitches and performances

Specifically, you will be shown and will practise:

  • techniques to use your nervous energy positively
  • how to develop your delivery skills: learning the LOVE principles to help you come across with confidence and warmth
  • how to align your mind, body, and emotions to come across with clarity, confidence, and inspiration, working with your physiology and psychology
  • the art of storytelling and finding the passion in your words
  • how to plan and structure speeches and pitches to deliver your message

Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the SUSOBH course but it has helped deliver some great outcomes for me and was life-changing. I have been successful this week in getting the job I was really aiming for – and will be moving to work (there). I am absolutely thrilled and excited to be starting in the New Year. Fiona’s energy and commitment to supporting us was excellent. I also took inspiration from other people on the course, one of whom delivered an inspirational presentation about her boundaries following a brave decision to end a relationship that was not making her happy, really impressed me. When I evaluate courses I always ask about the “So What”. What difference has this course made.


Yes, the course was well delivered and facilitated. Yes, I learnt new skills and developed knowledge. Yes, I met fantastic, brave and exciting ladies and had a great time. Yes – Speak Up, Stand Out delivered great outcomes: a new and much longed for job, and actions to get out of an unhealthy relationship.
Thank you Fiona


– Moraig, Senior Manager, Scottish ambulance

The training is always interactive, you will learn through:

  • “doing” – taking part in speaking and listening exercises
  • receiving expert feedback and learning how to give and receive feedback yourself
  • following proven techniques for great communication
  • adapting your style to create a better reach with different audiences
  • the use of printed materials containing top tips for great communication

How it works:

Venue: Online, normally on Zoom.  These are “live” events delivered by Fiona Whytehead. There may be an offline version offered in the future, “diamond” status extra one-to-one coaching sessions can be offline, if convenient.

Cost: This depends entirely on what package you take and whether you supplement the group sessions with additional one-to-one coaching sessions for “diamond” status.

I offer a free 30-minute discovery call before booking at no requirement to actually book. This call determines what programme would best solve your issues and gain you the results you seek; and if you and I will work together well. Following this call, you will be sent some suggestions for a programme which will include the cost, for you to consider in your own time before coming onto a further call to book, if you decide to proceed.

If you want to liberate and enjoy your voice, be in control when speaking, and make successful connections…

Get in touch with me, Fiona Whytehead for details about what Locus Coaching can do for you