About Locus

“The personal coaching service provided by Fiona Whytehead has, without doubt, improved the quality of my life.”

– GM, Interior Designer Company Director

The Locus

Literally the “locus” is a point from which other points circulate. So our work together at Locus Coaching starts with you as the locus – your vision, your experience, and your beginning point; working from your personal journey, towards where you want to be.

You are the expert of “you” so you have the answers as to who you are and where you want to be; they are just there to be uncovered. What you need or want to learn will become apparent and I create a programme suited just for you. It is never a case of “one size fits all”. You fit the learning to your size.

Locus Coaching offers a blend of training and coaching. I work with you either as a private client, or if you are an organisation/business looking to find training or coaching for staff.

Communication makes the world go round

My mission is to help you to be a great communicator in any and every situation. To be heard and believed and someone who influences others. If, “All the world is a stage”, as Shakespeare said, then we need to be able to play our parts with passion and expertise.

Great communication inspires people, ideas and creates great working and personal living environments, loyalty, business, and friendship.

Poor or weak communication costs time, money relationships, tempers, clients, and friends.

Really, it is communication that makes the world go round, and stops it when it is poor or disconnected.

I work with you if you are very nervous, even phobic, of speaking in public, or if you are a seasoned speaker who wants to get better to gain success… and everywhere in between. 

You may be very confident in one area of speaking in public, but when it comes to another situation you find yourself shut down. It may be that when you are managing others you struggle to find the right tone, while you are confident standing up in front of a crowd of strangers. Whatever your make up, together we can expand your speaking and listening comfort zone.

If your body and mind is aligned, you will communicate to your best ability.

I work through 'training' and 'coaching' – there is a difference.


As a trained actor, communication skills’ trainer and experienced speaker, I lead you to liberate and take control of your own authentic voice. You do this through vocal and body work. You are taught proven communication and speaking skills and have them modelled. You practise and learn through “doing” in the sessions. Top tips are given to smooth your way to great speaking performance. You add technique to polish your performance.

Speaking is a skill to be learned and honed. I have often heard people say that they can speak, they learnt it from childhood, it is just something that they “do” and so training in it as a craft is unnecessary. It is true that most of us can “get by”, but as great communication underpins fulfilment and harmony at work and in life, why wouldn’t you want to be able to speak at the top of your game? Particularly as it isn’t rocket science to learn how to do it.

Practical exercises were dotted throughout and were great to practice immediately. Wonderful workshop. So much to explore and practice going forward. Thank you Fiona. Really excellent.


– Dr Nanda Sharma


As a trained development and performance coach, I facilitate you to understand how your mind works and how to take control of it, removing any obstacles in the way that are causing either poor performance or lack of belief. Often, fear or dislike of public speaking is rooted in past experiences, or things that were said to you, particularly in the early years of life. They get in the way of you being able to speak with ease. I can help you get past any mental barriers you have. You will learn both how to show confidence without arrogance, and how to feel the same way.

Crucially, once you have discovered your voice, you can then look at how others relate to you, and you to them, so that you really have rapport with your audience of either one or many.  As we know from marketing gurus, people will make a decision with their heart and justify their decision using their mind.

You can explore and develop your vision, expertise, and motivation, clearing obstacles on the way through a coach-facilitated conversation. You can also undertake work to release you from trauma or obstacles that are getting in the way of you speaking up and being heard. You look at how you relate to yourself and others as well as how they relate to you to make great connections, and free yourself to move forwards and find satisfaction.

Attend a free webinar, Speak with ease, secure in your own strong presence that are run regularly throughout the year to get a “taste” of how I work and what I offer. Be notified of upcoming dates and book your place.

If you want to liberate and enjoy your voice, be in control when speaking, and make successful connections…

Get in touch with me, Fiona Whytehead for details about what Locus Coaching can do for you