As a coach in the workplace, Fiona enables people to develop their powers of communication, management and facilitation skills, and to understand their personal impact with a view to honing and enhancing.  She offers support and structures with which to unpick issues and find solutions; and works with clients to enable them to effect change and to overcome obstacles in order to move on. Coaching is forward looking and ultimately about action and a pro-active approach.  General benefits of the approach include increased motivation, confidence, performance, clarity, and decreased negative stress and self doubt.

It is the job of the coach to support the “coachee” in this process of empowerment and reflection by skilful questions, active listening and reflecting back the position of the “coachee” so that the route taken and action plan made is truly theirs and not imposed by the coach or others.  It then becomes both the achievement and responsibility of the “coachee”.  

When a coachee has been recommended by an employer or manager for a specific task the initial session will start with a 3-way conversation where the main focus of the work is agreed; and confidentiality is specified and assured.