Public Speaking Skills:

Which covers how to:

  • Speak with confidence and clarity
  • Overcome nerves
  • Engage an audience
  • Prepare an effective speech
  • Think on your feet
  • Give and receive feedback

Presentation Skills:

Which covers in addition how to:

  • Best use of visual aids
  • How to avoid “death by powerpoint”
  • Taking questions

Interview skills

Which covers in addition how to:

  • Prepare physically, mentally and intellectually for the interview.
  • Make a great first impression
  • Answer questions with confidence.
  • Make your CV live in the interview

All courses can be tailor-made and the skills blended to suit your requirements.  For example if your students are following the iGCSE we have a specific programme that covers the syllabus requirements.  This includes being able to have a confident discussion around your speech topic including asking as well as taking questions.

Training is delivered through exercises, instruction and games.  It is designed to be both great fun and extremely informative leading to greater confidence and skill in speaking up.  Learning is particularly effected through modelling and “doing” in these interactive sessions.

The training works cross ability – those with already proven skill in this area can develop their abilities to become excellent speakers.  For those who find it difficult or who shy away from speaking in public, the training can deliver increased confidence, skill and motivation.

Benefits are many.  As well as the actual learning in speaking and listening and presentation skills gained, it builds confidence and the ability for young people to speak up for themselves and others. Specifically it builds confidence at transition stages, introduces students to the art of giving great presentations, and how to get employed by being impressive at interview.