What is Covered

For individuals Locus coaching can help you to find your voice and become confident in your ability to have the right impact in any “speaking” situation. For organisations the training can be used to support teams trying to find the right organisational voice with each individual harmonising within it; as well as supporting individual staff members with their own communication skills.

  • Voice coaching to strengthen impact, clarity and authority
  • Body work to inspire confidence and develop self awareness
  • A dynamic approach to the planning, preparation and structure of talks/meetings to hone the content and engage the audience
  • Practical skills and tips on delivery to create a vibrant personal style
  • Developing networking and influencing abilities.
  • Confidence building techniques and dealing with “nerves”
  • Listening skills

The process involves practical exercises and is very interactive.  Sessions are tailor-made to fulfil the objectives of clients be they to develop formal presentation abilities or more generalised skills to become a compelling communicator with a memorable personal impact.