Public Speaking: Workshops

The Art of Speaking in Public

In a world where most adults find the prospect of networking and speaking in public frightening, Fiona offers interactive and practical speaking (and listening) skills training to help people positively overcome these fears and harness their adrenalin.  She helps people to communicate with verve and appropriateness in any situation and to fully engage their audience. Nervous energy can be an advantage to add ‘edge’ and inspiration to the delivery. Fiona can even help you to enjoy getting up and speaking in public!

The ‘Speak Up, Stand Out, Be Heard’ workshop is run as an open course for people who want to develop their skills of speaking and performance, get over their fear, and build on their current expertise.

The groups are small, usually no more than six, so you will receive plenty of individual attention from the trainer, as well as the advantage of learning with and receiving feedback from a supportive group of participants.

We can also run the workshop in organisations specifically for your employees with the number of attendees and length of workshop to suit you. You are the ‘locus’, the workshops can be tailor-made to fit your desired start and end point. Workshops can be run for people with very little experience, or for people who are experienced but want to particularly concentrate on one area.

You can choose from specialising in:

  • The Art of Presentations/Pitches
  • The Art of Giving Speeches
  • The Art of Story Telling
  • The Art of Performance

Locus Coaching can also tailor-make a workshop to suit any specific communication goal you may have.  For example issues Fiona has helped clients to resolve include:

  • how to control conflict in the classroom using the voice – for a senior group of teachers.
  • perfecting the pitch to a specific client and allocating the right team members to the task.
  • creating a great fundraising event involving presentations and readings

To create a workshop package that suits you contact Fiona at Locus Coaching.

Public Speaking: Workshops

Thanks for a brilliant workshop. I’ve learnt about my strengths and weaknesses and a lot from other people and watching them in action. You were great at giving feedback and made everyone feel confident; creating a safe environment for people to try out new techniques. I’ve never been to a workshop before where I’ve felt so comfortable with a group of complete strangers.

L.K., Manager, Age Concern

Courses we offer:

Confident speaking

The Art Of Confident Communication
Learn how to:
  • feel confident, even ENJOY public speaking and performance
  • come across with gravitas and empathy
  • present yourself in the best light possible for the situation
  • make really positive connections face to face
  • tell stories and give clear, effective, and inspirational speeches, pitches and performances


Specifically you will be shown and will practise:
  • techniques to use your nervous energy as a positive thing
  • how to develop your delivery skills: learning the LOVE principles to help you come across with confidence and warmth
  • understand how to align your mind, body, and emotions to come across with clarity, confidence, and inspiration; working with your physiology and psychology
  • the art of storytelling and finding the passion in your words.
  • how to plan and structure speeches and pitches to deliver your message


The training is always interactive, you will learn through:
  • “doing” – taking part in speaking and listening exercises
  • receiving expert feedback and learning how to give and receive feedback yourself
  • following proven techniques for great communication
  • adapting your style to create a better reach with different audiences
  • the use of printed materials containing top tips for great communication

Take part in a group course and have a follow–up one-to-one coaching session two to three weeks’ later.

How it works


Small group open workshops are held at Fiona’s North London base.  Workshops specifically for your organisation can be run at your offices, or at a venue of your choosing.

Determining the cost

This will depend on the venue and the length of the training. There are one day workshops but Fiona also creates ½ or multiple day courses and offers additional follow-up one-to-one coaching sessions to follow a group experience.  A phone conversation or a one-to-one meeting is usually the best way to determine what is right for you and to get a bespoke quote.  Please call 07956 118006, or email to set up a time to speak.


For more details on what Locus Coaching can do for you please contact Fiona