“Fiona’s insight and simple no-nonsense advice was practical and easy to follow.  The presentation I subsequently gave was delivered with more confidence and fluidity on my part, and was without doubt significantly enhanced by her output.” 

J.H Corporate lawyer

“I am thrilled with my new job.  Of course it is huge but I am very excited by the opportunity.  The work with Fiona really helped me to bring to the forefront of mind how I wanted to come over and then gave me the ability to create it.  Overall the sessions increased my confidence levels, making me believe in myself more and clearly that came across in my interview.” 

S.S. Headteacher. Isle of Wight

Find out more about the actual training


Examples of areas in which we have helped:

  • Interview skills
  • Presentations to clients and internal audiences
  • Personal speaking challenges – weddings, large school functions, reading own poetry
  • Making the business pitch live beyond the power point
  • Giving inspiring team-talks
  • Feeling good about being on the bill with an acknowledged great speaker
  • Motivating the room when there are tough decisions to be made
  • Training new and trainee teachers to use their voice in the classroom effectively
  • Dealing with conflict through the voice
  • Turning a sometime dull topic into an exciting presentation

“Thanks for a brilliant workshop.  I’ve learnt about my strengths and weaknesses and a lot from other people and watching them in action.  You were great at giving feedback and made everyone feel confident; creating a safe environment for people to try out new techniques.  I’ve never been to a workshop before where I’ve felt so comfortable with a group of complete strangers.” 

L.K. Manager, Age Concern

How it works:

Length of Training:

The amount of sessions required will depend on what combination you want to take.  A starting point for practical skills on a one 2 one basis can be booking three 2  hour sessions or two half days; with practise completed by yourself inbetween sessions.

For groups or teams there are 2 day, whole day or half day options.  Suggested however is that there are at least two sessions delivered with  time inbetween to give time for between session practise and allow that the learning to become embedded.


You can either come to Fiona’s North London Studio for one 2 one work or we can come to you at your place of work.

Team or group sessions are usually carried out at your place of work or we can discuss a different venue.


This will depend on your package and where the training is undertaken.  A phone conversation is usually the best way to determine what is right for you and if you want to go ahead.  Fiona recognises that for the work to be truly effective you need to understand how we would work with you and that a personal consultation is important.   Please call 07956 118006 or email [email protected] to set up a time to speak.