One-to-one Coaching

Finding success with coaching

In work, and in life, often what gets squeezed out is time to think and reflect at the expense of being able to see what’s missing. A coaching conversation can in a very short time allow you to focus, explore, and be challenged to yield vital information and understanding about a given situation or goal. It is a powerful way to identify any obstacles in your way, and see how to overcome them, as well as propelling you into action.

The ultimate goal, of course, is achieving what you want for yourself or your organisation to determine a sense of purpose and consolidation and to improve your service and/or your bottom line.


Fiona gave me excellent support at a time when I really needed it. I have taken on board all the help she gave me and used it to progress my business, myself. It was a great chance to put time aside to explore different options with a professional guiding the process.

B.B., Personal Fitness Business Owner

How Locus Coaching has helped:

  • growing into new positions following promotion
  • moving from management into leadership
  • returning to work after long-term sick leave
  • working with a new team
  • helping a senior management team communicate with one voice
  • creating a new and dynamic strategy
  • making a sideways move
  • managing reportees
  • finding a new direction
  • in personal development, overcoming fears in diverse areas such as fear of spiders, driving on motorways, and (of course) public speaking

How it works

Length of Training

The number of sessions required will depend on what you want to accomplish, and at what point you are at on the route to getting there. A starting point for one-to-one coaching is booking six x two-hour sessions once a fortnight, with work completed on your own in between. It may be that you find you need fewer sessions, in which case we can adjust the amount booked; or it may be that on completion of six sessions you want to book some more. It all depends on how it is working for you and the achievement of your goals.

Setting up the sessions

If you are an employer or manager wanting to arrange coaching for your staff, we would normally begin the first session with a three-way conversation to establish what is to be covered. If you are seeking coaching for yourself, then no one else is involved unless you say otherwise. At all times confidentiality is observed and the exact nature of it established.


You can either come to Fiona’s North London base or we can arrange to meet at your place of work. Alternatively, we can also arrange to meet at a mutually convenient location.

Determining the cost

This will depend on your package and where the training is undertaken. A phone conversation is the best way to determine what is right for you and to get a bespoke quote. Fiona recognises that for the coaching to be truly effective you need to understand how you would both work together, and so a personal consultation before booking is important.

Please call 07956 118006 or email to set up a time to speak.


For more details on what Locus Coaching can do for you please contact Fiona