“Fiona’s zest for life, enthusiasm and understanding of my own particular needs was truly inspiring.  Our work together got me through a tough speaking challenge and specifically ‘key’ was how she helped me with pace and timing.  Several people commented on how well it went and said, ‘But you do this all the time don’t you….!’” 

C. J. Senior Television producer, world Television

In 2005 Fiona decided to combine her performing, teaching, and management skills from previous career paths to become a trainer and coach.  She holds a Senior Development and Executive Coach qualification from the School of Coaching in London, awarded by Strathclyde University. Two years’ later she founded Locus Coaching.

Fiona’s first career was as an actor for ten years doing live theatre and working on film. She worked in theatres up and down the country in plays ranging from Shakespeare to the avant garde, Dario Fo; and in London’s West End including as part of Ray Cooney’s Theatre of Comedy.  Fiona holds the LGSM speech and drama teaching qualification.

Following this she moved into charity events creating and producing  programmes of words and music featuring well known writers and performers such as Juliet Stevenson, Emma Thompson, Harold Pinter and Rory Bremner.  She produced evenings both in private houses, village halls and in large commercial venues such as The Festival Hall on London’s South Bank. She also co-edited and collated a book of words to give a voice to victims of torture called Captured Voices (foreword by John McCarthy).

She then took fundraising management roles in charities such as, The Medical for the Care of Victims of Torture, and Refuge (where she was Director of Fundraising).  During this time she both gave numerous “pitches” and talks about her causes to elicit funds and support and managed events and teams.  Fiona continues to take what opportunities arise to speak in public.

Fiona divides her time between working with adults and with young people – she is passionate about supporting and facilitating people to become great communicators, colleagues and successful in their chosen path. 

She now works with:

Senior leaders and business owners through both one 2 one coaching conversations to find insights and decide on action; and facilitates senior management teams to find their way to grow and succeed.

“Fiona was able to challenge appropriately and constructively around negative thinking.  The sessions felt supportive, and I always came away feeling positive and that I had learned something.  Fiona was able to model good examples and clearly understood the area.  The sessions were always solution/action focussed and I came away a better all-round manager.”

Head of Service, Islington Social Services

Fantastic facilitator in Fiona who galvanised the group.

Director of Division, Help the Aged

With professionals, including communicators such as lawyers and journalists,to find and hone their spoken voice.

“I'm happy to say that the presentation went really well yesterday. I managed to say what I wanted and didn't feel stressed and knew that if I did I would know how to handle it. I'm really happy to have had these sessions with you as all the tips that you gave me do work and I think I already am able to act more confidently and will master my presentation skills. The fact that thinking of giving another client presentation makes me feel exited rather than stressed is a good sign.”

AC Graphic Designer, David Linley Associates

With individuals who want to plan how to move forwards, removing obstacles and feel positive about their future

“Fiona is excellent at driving the sessions and helping me to waste no time.  I came away with a real sense of having moved on, of having explored many possibilities and with a sense of optimism about the future.  I have benefited enormously from Fiona’s ability to enable me to take charge and responsibility for all my choices and decisions.  At the same time she has offered me thoughts and ideas based on her expertise and experience.  The key thing, however, is that I have learnt that it is me who can make the changes and it has empowered me.  It is Fiona who has helped me to do that – invaluable.”  

Anne K

With young people to support them to gain a huge advantage in at an early age – that of finding their voice so that they know how to command attention, be listened to, and also become a good listener themselves.

“Today was hard to start with and at one point I thought I was too scared to carry on and speak but I did and afterwards it was the best experience ever.  I want to do it again now.”

Ana, 15, London school student.

“Thank you so much for a wonderful and invigorating day yesterday. You were so inspiring and the pupils found the training extremely beneficial.  I’m sure that they will now go from strength to strength with this vital skill”

R.P.  Senior teacher, London